Giant bulrush

Common Name(s):
California bulrush, Giant bulrush
Scientific Name:
Schoenoplectus californicus
Growth Traits:
Native, perennial, warm season
Description: Can grow over 10 feet tall and has a triangular shaped stem that is hollow. It forms dense colonies connected by rhizomes in shallow water or moist soil. Native Americans used this plant to make baskets. The plant provides good habitat for invertebrates, which are eaten by fish and waterfowl, and the seeds and rhizomes are eaten by waterfowl. It usually does not grow in water deeper than 3.5 feet.
Chemical Control Options: Glyphosate, 2,4-D or diquat.
Mechanical Control Options: Cutting is only temporarily effective due to rhizomatic growth.
Biological Control Options: There is not a good biological control option. Large grass carp sometimes reduce it but do not provide consistent control.